A view of marriage of a single Alaphorn woman

In a single Alfa female, I think that it will be divided into two types, I think that I do not have to get married yet, and a type I have not given up marriage yet.
In the case of a type you do not want to get married, you often focus on work. When I come to the age of Alphaw, I think that gradually becoming a boss position in terms of work and increasing annual income so much. If so, there is enough economic power to live a life enough alone, and now I do not want to change my lifestyle. More than anything, the longer it is to be alone, the less likely it is to imagine the style of living with someone, so the hope for marriage may be diminishing.
However, there are not many people who want to get married yet even if they become Alphaw. Even though it may be economically stable, it may be because I feel loneliness and something that is not satisfied in terms of feelings. Also, some of you have a longing for marriage so you may become more aware of it because you became an aura. If you actively participate in marriage etc., as you grow older, the feelings for marriage become stronger.
However, in such cases, ideals and delusions for getting married gradually increase, so it seems that there are many cases where you are overwhelmed and will not work well. Besides, because it is Alfa single woman, it is sometimes surrounded by a bit more than a woman in her twenties. But that does not mean Alaough marriageIt is not hard to do. Many Arafo women are married in the world. Men who are attracted to the attractiveness of calm adults unique to Alaphaur women are surprisingly familiar. If you do not panic and do not make noise and you are having yourself, you will find men attracted to that charm.

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